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Do you know if you have enough time to share a horse?

Do you know if you have enough time to share a horse? Let’s face it, anything to do with horses is a commitment –for both time and money! I’ve often tried to explain to people whysomeone would spend what is the equivalent of a sizeable mortgage on keeping a large pet that can do you... Continue Reading →

How To Share Your Horse Or Find Your Next Share Horse

So you've decided to put your horse up for share, or have decided that having a share horse is the right next step for you. Well done! This is often the hardest bit - because let's be honest deciding to share, or have a share, is often because you can't do what you REALLY want... Continue Reading →

Why Share Your Pony?

Ah it's our first blog post! Thanks for supporting us, we're really excited with where this is going and delighted that you are joining us on our journey. "You either have the time OR the money, never both " Why Share Your Horse?Deciding to share your horse is a big decision, your horse is your... Continue Reading →

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