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Safe Care Equine – Review

We were so lucky to be sent a big bag (more like a box!) full of Safe Care Equine’s products. Their ethos of clean, natural products which are kind to the environment make them unique and lets you do your bit for Mother Earth.

We spent a day testing their products on our guinea pigs – who were more than happy to participate!  Each product is natural, so our pride and joy’s were in safe hands and they clearly worked well, a brand you can trust for decent quality!

But whilst we liked the stuff we tried, you can’t help but feel they were lacking in that ‘pazzazz’ you get with more popular brands – fragrance, packaging etc. If (like us) you have a horse that is scared of sprays then you’d also be a bit stumped with their selection.


‘An environmentally friendly spray for the prevention of common foot problems in equines’

Particularly  useful to us as the mare is prone to getting smelly feet, so this worked well and was easy to apply – and no bleach or nasty things. It doesn’t have a chemically smell which was nice for us and the horses.



‘A quick fix for removing stable stains’

For anyone who has a horse with even a hint of grey, this is a must have. For the white socks it’s perfect, sprays on and with a bit of elbow grease it does produce a good result. However we found that using it in conjunction with a basic shampoo gave it a better result. We tested it on a small grey pony and it did work, but you did have to spray a fair bit on to get a good result. Perfect for a quick show fix, but not suitable for more day to day maintenance.



Unfortunately this didn’t quite hit the mark with us, the solution didn’t have a fragrance and it didn’t sud up as much as a normal shampoo did. We loved the natural base of the product and it would be fab for those with horses with sensitive skin.


Thanks Safe Care Equine for giving us the opportunity to test your products, overall we loved them! We’ve stocked the lorry up and are excited to test all the other products we have – stay tuned for more reviews!

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