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4 Things to do in Summer With Your Share Horse

We’re heading into that time of year where the days are beautiful and long and you can spend all day in the sunshine with your horse! Your partner will forget your name and your children won’t recognise you… Pack away those thermal breeches and boots – it’s time to crack out the shorts and work on your best farmer’s tan.

But you really can’t beat a long summer with your horse. Here’s 4 things you can do this summer with your share pony:

1. It’s pamper time

Now the weather is better it’s the perfect time to give your horse a proper bath – wash off all that winter dust and encourage that summer coat to come through. Be prepared to get wet!  We love Dirty Beastie shampoo, it smells incredible and has a terribly accurate name…

Give that mane a pull, trim the tail and get those feathers and socks looking dazzling white – there’s nothing better for this than Diamond White shampoo (also very good on those greys with stubborn stains!).  We’ve heard ketchup is also good but it could get messy…

But as always, do be prepared for your horse to promptly go and roll in the field and wash all your hard work away.

Don’t forget you can also pamper yourself! Treat yourself to some retail therapy, fancy some new jodphurs or a new grooming kit? Check out our guide to 5 essentials to own when sharing a horse. 

2. Pick a move to improve

School’s out, but that just means you have even more time to spend with your share pony! These longer evenings mean you can spend more time riding in the evening, the best time to improve something you have been trying to crack all winter. Not getting the perfect leg yield or bend on a rein? Now’s the time to crack it! There’s so many fab training opportunities in the summer – join your local Riding Club to take part in clinics or hire a horse box and go cross country schooling.

3. Summertime hacking

You can’t beat the quality time you spend with your share horse, especially when the weather’s nice. Let’s face it, no one really enjoys riding as much when it’s raining so much your boots have flooded, and your nose is so cold you think it’s about to fall off #chillblains!

The warmer weather means you can relax, take it slow and go off on a hacking adventure together. Why not try and find a new route to take? Or take your horse to the beach to have a little paddle? 

My personal favourite is to head off early in the morning, when the forest is full of wildlife – it’s so peaceful! Plus, it’s always nice to get back from a great hack and have a bacon butty and a coffee ready to finish off a great morning!

4. Reach new heights

Nothing says successful summer like accomplishing something you’ve always wanted to do. 

Whether you’re looking to jump higher than you’ve ever done before, or enter a dressage competition that you’ve always had an excuse to avoid, why not try something new?

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