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How to get into the right headspace for riding

We all have that one thing that completely calms you down and takes you away from the real world – for many (and definitely for me) it’s horse riding. It’s no wonder it’s prescribed as therapy for those suffering with mental illness! Taking some time out to do what you love can be so beneficial for your mental state. 

But it’s not always easy to get into the right headspace for riding, and if you’ve had a couple of nasty falls, sometimes it can feel near impossible. So how do you take back the reins and get back in the saddle when you’ve got the fear?

Sometimes it just takes time

It’s been 8 months since I last got on a horse, but that hasn’t stopped me from spending as much time at the stables as possible. Let’s not confuse my lack of confidence in riding with a lack of love for being around horses! 

If you can pinpoint the moment you lost your confidence, it’s likely that you’ll never forget what caused that fear. But sometimes it just takes time to push past it and the right moment might come along. By spending a lot of my time around horses, my passion for being on a horse is starting to come back. Sure, I had a bad fall, but I’m not about to let that stop me forever. 

Have you found your share pony? Sometimes leaving the formality of a lesson behind and just spending time with your share pony allows you to spend time doing your own thing, in your own time. Without any pressure. (Psst! Look through our latest share horses if you’re still trying to find your pony!)

Friends & Family

I have a fabulous instructor and great friends to encourage me. It’s best to keep the positivity around you, to get you into the right frame of mind. 

Sure, your more confident friend might have your best interests at heart, but it’s also important to have people around you that understand where you’re at. With the right encouragement and support, you’ll feel at ease and will be able to get back into the right headspace. 

Don’t let the fear take over

You should take things at your own pace, but also don’t let the fear completely take over. If you’re like me, you’ll have a little voice in your head telling you all the bad things that could happen. Try and counteract it by telling yourself all the good things that could happen. Remember how good you’ll feel when you conquer your fears! 

It can often help to go through your favourite song in your head, or sing a nursery rhyme to remind you to breath! It sounds silly, but how often have we jumped a jump and then realised we hadn’t breathed since we started approaching the poles?

You’ll often find that once you get back in the saddle it’ll be like you were never gone. Once you get back to your normal self, you’ll be ready to run head first at everything life throws at you! You can find more tips for getting your confidence back in or recent blog, 5 Ways Sharing Can Help You Get Your Confidence Back.

What are your top tips for getting into the right headspace? Share your stories of getting over your riding fears, by tagging us on Instagram and hashtagging #BackInTheSaddle

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