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5 Essentials To Own When Sharing A Horse

It’s so exciting, you’ve found a share horse and you are all ready to go! You’ve got your allocated days and you know where to find the tack and which field they live in…but do you have all the gear?! The one pair of slightly faded jodhpurs that are used once a month may not stand up to such an increased level of riding. We’ve found some essential items to make sure you have before you start sharing..

Riding Tights, the new jodphurs…
These are the new trend. Flexible and comfy they are perfect for a day at the yard riding and pottering around. They are pricey – but can be used at the gym as well as riding. Two for the price of one…
We love these Noble Outfitters Riding Tights.

Grooming Kits
Your share horse should have their own grooming kit, however if you are anything like me I love having my own kit to use on my share horse! Giving your share horse a groom on a sunny day is the best form of therapy. Start with a basic grooming kit such as this Rhinegold Soft Touch Grooming Kit:

You can always top it up (or add to your share horses own grooming kit) with other fab products such as this Avocado Mist which smells AMAZING and makes your share horses coat gleam!

Arguably THE most essential bit of kit. Tempting your share horse in from the field or waving it in front of their face in a vain attempt to get a picture with their ears forward, we love these NAF Minty Treats:

Gloves & Base Layers
With this odd interchangeable weather, layering is key to staying warm. Layer up with long sleeved base layers, polo shirts and gilets paired with a good pair of gloves. We love these Ariat base layers and gloves:

To be honest I could go on for ever listing things that you can buy for your share horse! I loved buying rugs, numnahs and fancy grooming products to make them look fabulous – and I am sure that you will too! Let us know what you have bought your share horses via our social media pages. Do you want to see recommendations for specific products? Let us know at

All the best,
Rosie @ Share My Pony x

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