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How To Share Your Horse Or Find Your Next Share Horse

So you’ve decided to put your horse up for share, or have decided that having a share horse is the right next step for you. Well done! This is often the hardest bit – because let’s be honest deciding to share, or have a share, is often because you can’t do what you REALLY want to do; buy your own horse or quit your job (yet still maintain the salary…) and have all the time and money in the world to dote on your horse. Sharing is a great compromise that is actually very enjoyable and rewarding – you may find a sharer that has had a bad accident in the past and wants to get their mojo back. How amazing is it that your horse can do that for someone?!

So, how do you do it?

If you are a horse owner..

  1. Register for Share My Pony (shameless plug…) and create an account for your horse. Write a suitable description (see previous blog!) and upload a photo. This is the crucial bit – your photo is the first thing that potential sharers see so it has to be perfect. A headshot, or picture of your horse (make sure it doesn’t include other horses!) that’s clear will be perfect. Despite what people say, in this case, you 100% judge a horse by it’s cover.
  2. Share My Pony will include your horse’s photo on their blogs, email notifications and social media to ensure we reach as many people as possible.
  3. Sit tight, a sharer will message!
  4. Once you receive a message, have a chat with the sharer and if they are suitable, arrange a date for them to come over and meet your horse.
  5. Once you have had a meet, discuss your arrangements (money, times, logistics and contracts etc) and away you go!
  6. Don’t forget to let Share My Pony know of your good news story!

If you are a sharer:

  1. Register for Share My Pony (again, sorry!) and create an account.
  2. Browse through the horses advertised and message any that look suitable for you.
  3. Wait for the owner to message you back, sit tight they will!
  4. Once they do, arrange a date to go see the horse. If you are happy, then have a chat with the owner and ask any questions you may have.
  5. Make sure you sort out the cost, times and logistics. It’s important you are realistic with this, make sure you can commit.
  6. Happy Sharing!

Having a share horse that you can call your own for a few hours a week can just be the best, if you have had a hard day at work then going down the yard to have a ride or a wander around the forest can be great therapy. Walking up to catch your share horse in, and have them give you a whinny can lift your spirits and forget about the day. For owners, that relief of knowing your horse is in capable hands can give you headspace to focus on other things.

We hope this is the start to your fantastic sharing journey, please let us know how you get on. You may be featured on our Instagram and Facebook!

All the best,

Rosie @ Share My Pony x

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